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Launched: 2005 by  Mugler.


Alien Range Description:

The awakening of the Sun Goddess in the light of the sun in its zenith… she seizes its energy, her life-source is restored and she begins to glow. Her entire being is host to this intense energy and she releases absolute serenity. In a generous act, she floods the Earth with this light, sending out her benevolent energy. Through her Eau Extraordinaire, she enhances women’s sensuality with incandescent freshness. Eau Extraordinaire begins a new chapter in the history of Alien and issues an even more optimistic and positive message.


Alien Product Description:

Extend your Alien ritual with smooth Radiant Body Cream, enriched with pure gold particles. Its sensual, melt-in texture can be applied liberally all over the body for nourished and intensely scented skin.



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